David Douglas Snedden

By | November 15, 2020

David Douglas Snedden
Toronto, ON

Dave Snedden was born in Stratford Ontario in 1940. He was raised and spent his early year’s there until the end of high school.

Dave moved to Toronto and worked for the TTC operating a streetcar while learning to fly and building flight time. In 1967, a move to northern Ontario allowed him to work as a pilot and an AME apprentice/helper. Dave soon became interested in the maintenance aspect of aviation earning his AME license in 1977. Dave worked for different operators over his career, as well as being self-employed, gaining experience on many types of airplanes. In the mid-seventies, Dave also owned and operated his own flying school.

Dave joined the AME association in 1985 and has been a strong supporter ever since. Dave has served the Ontario AME Association in many capacities including president. The Canadian Federation of AME Associations also benefited from Dave’s input and efforts during the licensing model proposed amendments in the early 1990’s. In part because of this work he was recognized for his contributions to the AME association by being the 1988 recipient of the Clare Leavens award.

Throughout his career, and still today, Dave is always willing to share his knowledge and experiences with anyone. In 2004 Dave was recognized for his contributions to the aviation industry by being the recipient of the Gordon B Rayner Award.

During Dave’s aviation career he has also earned other credentials for example an American A and P certificate with Inspection Authorization privileges. He is also a Ministers Delegate. One of Dave’s lifelong philosophies is, ‘Never Stop Learning”

Now semi-retired, Dave continues to work part time in General Aviation and enjoys his hobby of old cars and charity work through the Masonic lodge.