Regional Associations

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The Atlantic AME Association is one of six similar associations across Canada; the others being the Western, Ontario, Central and Pacific associations.
These associations represent regional interests, as well as, concerns of national importance. The Canadian Federation of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Associations (CFAMEA) is a national body, which is supported and financed by all the regional associations and which represents the associations at the national level.

The AME Association of Ontario is a non-profit organization, run by a volunteer group of AMEs and non-AMEs. The purpose of the association is to maintain and enhance the standards of professionalism of the AME and the aircraft maintenance industry as a whole, and to promote the rights and privileges of the AME.

The Central Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Association is an organization dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the standards, rights and privileges of all AME members in the central region of Canada. Our chapter is one of six similar associations across Canada who collectively support the national body CFAMEA (Canadian Federation of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association).

The Western Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association (WAMEA) is an organization equipping its members with the knowledge and professionalism which distinguishes the occupation of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) in the aviation industry.

PAMEA is a non-profit association comprised of aircraft maintenance engineers, aircraft maintenance personnel and aviation industry corporate members. PAMEA is an active member of the Canadian Federation of AME Associations (CFAMEA).

The association's mission is to represent all AMEs in Quebec regardless of the company or the contracts on which they work. Regardless of the type of aircraft on which the AME works, he/she will be welcome. We will simply recognize ourselves as a holder of an AME Transport Canada M1/2, E or S license with an attachment in Quebec.