Message from President Sam Longo

Highlights from the AMEC-TEAC AGM of Nov. 4th 2020

Hello, fellow AME’s and members across Canada. I hope that you are all staying safe and surviving these very trying employment and economic realities. Aviation worldwide is really hurting and we are all feeling the brunt of it. Let us all hope that things begin to improve for 2021. 

I wanted to share some highlights of our 2020 Annual General Meeting held on Nov.4th 2020

It was the first time that we did not meet in person in Ottawa, opting instead, because of the pandemic, to host a Virtual AGM via the internet.

It was attended by representatives from each AME Association, Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Central, Western and Pacific. Each region gave a short report on activities and membership numbers. Unfortunately, it was not surprising to learn that membership has fallen by about 22 % since early 2019. Obviously, this was not the direction we had hoped for in 2020, yet another reality driven by our current COVID situation.

We did host our first ever National AMEC/TEAC Virtual Conference on Oct. 22 partnering with Hope Aero and the NTA. I would have to say that for a first time attempt it was a resounding success with over 270 attendees’ from across Canada viewing and participating in some really top quality presentations. Thanks to all our sponsors and presenters. Look for more of these type of events in future, and many thanks to Louis Anderson who had the vision and tenacity to put it all together.

I am happy to report that our new AMEC/TEAC bylaws were passed replacing the old CFAMEA document. Many thanks to Steve Farnworth for championing this daunting task.

Our budget for 2021 was passed and despite reduced revenue our finances are still in great shape.

In terms of succession planning, my 2 year term as President will be ending on Jan.1st 2021 and I am stepping down. I am pleased to report that Paul Carter, current Ontario President will be taking over the helm and carrying on the great work we have initiated with AMEC/TEAC. I am also delighted to report that Xavier Pallares, current Quebec President will continue as AMEC’s VP. 

Our annual meeting with Transport Canada is scheduled for the first week in December and will also be hosted virtually by them. As standard procedure, we will bring any concerns that the regions present to their attention. We will also be briefed with any new news from TC that is of interest to our members or pertinent to our trade. As always we appreciate their commitment and cooperation.

In conclusion, let us continue to move forward with our plan to have a strong Canadian voice for all AME’s through AMEC/TEAC and hopefully in the post pandemic days to come our industry will become stronger, our membership will grow, and our dedication to quality aviation maintenance will flourish.

Stay Safe everyone! 

Best regards, Sam Longo




  • To hold in high regard the safety of those persons affected by the Aviation Maintenance occupations, to promote safe practices in the workplace and to recognize that safety is the cornerstone of the aviation industry.
  • To provide a national forum for Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and more particularly to promote and mentor our occupation, distinguishing and highlighting the roll of Aircraft Maintenance Professionals in the aviation workforce.
  • To constitute a body through which the views and objectives of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians, Approved Maintenance Organizations and others may be represented at the Canadian and global level. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers of Canada will be available for advice or consultation on all questions, policy matters, and all other areas of the aviation industry which affects or may affect the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and all members in the aircraft maintenance industry.
  • To constitute a body which is recognized, and available for consultation regarding the regulation of any matter in the aviation industry, which may affect the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and all other persons in the aircraft maintenance industry.
  • To influence and obtain recognition from various government and aviation agencies, corporations and training facilities which may have an impact on the aviation maintenance industry.
  • To facilitate the interchange between regions of Canada relating to their views of the aviation maintenance industry, or to any other matter, which may be of common interest to our members.
  • To disseminate technical or other information which relates to the occupation of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or to the aviation industry professionals in general.
  • To maintain a high standard in the aviation industry, and in particular the licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and all other Aviation Maintenance Professionals.