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AMEC-TEAC Hall of Fame

The Idea

During a visit to the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame located at the Renolds Museum in Wetaskiniwin, Alberta it was noticed that there was very little recognition for the AME. It was noted that there were about 100 pilots in this Hall of Fame but only 2 AME’s. The idea for a Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Hall of Fame was born!


The AME Hall of Fame was formed to recognize the outstanding work the AME performs to keep CAnadian aircraft flying safely and economically. It is with the great effort and personal sacrifice of many by these people that our air operators of today enjoy the safety record they do.

The Search

During subsequent years the idea slowly grew and the search for a home for the Hall of Fame continued. Many museums were contacted in the east until the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre in Sault Ste. Marie offered at no cost to us to be our home! To this end we are most grateful to Don Johnson and his staff.


At the annual meeting of the Canadian Federation of AME Associations of Canada held in Winnipeg in 2002 the full go ahead for the Hall of Fame was passed by the board of directors. It was also agreed during the meeting that all nominees would need the approval of CFAMEA board of directors.

Grand Opening

Our first inductees were chosen in 2003. On March 09, 2004, the official opening ceremonies were held in Sault Ste. Marie and since then we have had many nominees from across Canada. Thanks to industry support, we are slowly growing.

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