Warren Boese

By | December 4, 2022

Warren Boese
Selby, ON

Warren was born September 14, 1956 and raised in the community of Arnprior, Ontario. During his lunch hours while attending high school he started flying at the airport in Arnprior and received his pilot’s licence at the young age of 16. He still holds a valid licence today. Warren started working on small aircraft with his father showing him how to do some minor repairs at the age of 13. This gave Warren a great interest in the aviation aircraft repair.

After High school Warren started work for Boeing Aircraft in Arnprior building aircraft components and various other duties in the machine shop. After leaving Boeing he was employed for several months by Delta Air rebuilding helicopters. This company went out of business. This caused Warren to look to Bradley Air which was also part of First Air. Here he worked on Beaver aircraft, Twin Otter, DC-3, and Hawker Sidley 748 aircraft doing inspection and repair work. During his stay at First Air he served in the Arctic at Frobisher Bay to service these aircraft along with Bell Northern’s twin Otter. Warren obtained his AME licence in 1979 and joined the AME Association in 1985.

After leaving First Air he joined Pem-Air as their chief engineer. At the time Pem-Air was operating with two small aircraft. During Warren’s time they were able to expand to 12 aircraft including Bell 47J, 206 and other models. Pem-Air operated a scheduled air service from Pembroke to Toronto and various other points, along with a charter air service.

After the closing of Pem-Air (1996) Warren accepted a position as Director of Maintenance with Frist Nations College in Deseronto, Ontario developing an Approved Maintenance Organization to maintain the college’s aircraft training and charter fleet. He was very instrumental in the expansion of the First Nation operation helping them establish a first class aviation college. In March of 2006 Warren accepted the position of Chief engineer for the Department of Defence under the Air Cadet Division to maintain their aircraft for the Ontario Air Cadet League. Warren still holds this position to day.

In 2002 Warren was the recipient of the Robert McCombie award for his efforts and outstanding work in the aviation maintenance industry, public servant, and teacher to young AME’s. He became a Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council evaluator in 2005. Warren also received the Air Cadet League of Canada Bob McKeekan Special Recognition Award. Warren enjoys the companionship of his family and friends.