Clinton D Shannon

By | November 15, 2020

Clinton D. Shannon
Musquodoboit Harbour (Halifax), NS

Mr. Shannon has dedicated 52 years of his life to the aircraft maintenance industry and aircraft maintenance in military service (US army). During this period he has been primarily involved in maintenance and operation of large air carriers and support equipment. His early years were with US operations such as: TWA, Pan AM World Airways, LB Smith Inc. (major engine overhaul facility), International Aircraft Maintenance Co. in Burbank.

In 1955 Don McVicor, an early Canadian aviation pioneer, was successful in engaging Clint to move from Capital Airways in Nashville to Canada to take over flight operations and maintenance of World Wide Airways, DEW line operations. Clint’s name is mentioned several times in Don McVicor’s book “Distant Early Warning”.

In 1961 Clint made a move to Eastern Canada by taking a position with Eastern Provincial Airways. EPA was a scheduled air carrier that operated DC-3, DC-4, PBY, C-46, Hadley Page Dart Herald, HS748 and Boeing 737 aircraft.

During his 26 years with EPA Clint served as Chief Inspector, QA Manager, Director of QA and Engineering, Administrative and Technical Services Co-ordinator and Manager of Maintenance Training. From 1963 to 1970 he also worked as a part time flying instructor at the Gander Flying Club and is a Past President of the Club.

Clint took an early retirement from EPA in February 1987 but did not retire for long. He joined Air Saint Pierre in March 1987 where he still works today as Director of Maintenance, QA Manager and Maintenance Co-ordinator.

Clint is a recipient of the Aviall Canada Award.

AME Association

Clint has been active with and supported Atlantic AME Association at a local and national level. Clint was a founding member of AME Association (Atlantic) and served for 12 years as Vice President of the Association. He represented Atlantic AME Association on the National Advisory Council on AME Licensing and Training (NAC) from 1984 until NAC was discontinued. In all, he has dedicated a quarter of a century to the AME Association and ARAMC.

Clint also represented Atlantic AME Association on several national issues in dealing with Transport Canada in Ottawa as Vice President of AME Association (Atlantic) Inc. Clint chaired four very impressive ARAMC conferences in Halifax and was involved in many other conferences held in Atlantic Canada. During his many representations Clint has always been completely representative of his constituents and put their case forward
for the benefit of the AME in general.