Harry E. Hope

By | November 15, 2020

Harry E. Hope
Georgetown, Ontario

Harry Hope was born in Lashburn, Saskatchewan on July 13, 1931. The family left the farm in 1941 to live in Vancouver and then Langley, B.C. where he received his pilot’s licence. At that time, he had heard that Edmonton was the Aviation Capital of Canada and moved there in 1952 to pursue his interest. His first employment was at Western Propeller Co. Ltd. where he started straightening propeller blades. As this was during the Korean conflict, he realized the importance proper maintenance played in aviation.

Shortly thereafter, the DEW (Distance Early Warning) Line played an important part in Canada’s history and Western Propeller made the decision to move to Winnipeg in 1958, to support their DEW line customers. Harry was a willing and qualified candidate having received his “P” Licence. (Propeller Licence). Also during this time, Harry ferried Champion aircraft from the factory in Osceola, Wisconsin to Winnipeg and Edmonton.

In order to support their eastern customers, a move to Toronto was an obvious decision. In 1969, Harry started the operation of Western Propeller (Atlantic) Ltd. This began as a partnership but in 1992 this was dissolved and Hope Aero Propeller & Components came into being. Harry realized that in order to be a viable company, it was necessary to keep up with the times, to be well informed, and to move forward. As well as propellers of all types, Hope Aero also repairs and overhauls wheels, brakes and dynamic balancing equipment. Safety and treating his customers with fairness and respect were Harry’s top priorities. He was very knowledgeable about propellers and their properties in relationship to engine maintenance and made every effort to troubleshoot and help customers.

Harry retired from Hope Aero in September 2001 after 50 years of being involved in aviation.

  • Harry received the Gordon B. Rayner Award in 1993. This award is in recognition of a Canadian whose career will always remain outstanding as an aircraft maintenance engineer, a teacher, and a public servant.
  • He has served on various advisory boards involved with Transport Canada.
  • Harry held many volunteer positions within aviation including being a founding Director and later, President of the Ontario AME Association.
  • He received the Clare Leavens Award in 1990. This award is presented for outstanding contribution and service to the AME Association of Ontario.
  • Harry is also a past President of Worldwide Aircraft Propeller Association.

Harry now enjoys being a member of the local Rotary Club and has made several trips with Rotary International on humanitarian missions.