Wayne G. Juniper

By | November 15, 2020

Wayne G. Juniper
Hamilton, ON

Wayne Juniper was born in Toronto, Ontario on November 7, 1946. Wayne’s family eventually moved to Hamilton, where he worked part time at Peninsular Air Service through his high school years. After graduating he remained there as an apprentice AME, and through a Royal Canadian Air Cadet Scholarship he obtained his Private Pilot Licence. He joined Kenting Aviation Ltd in 1966, obtaining his Commercial Pilot & Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licences in 1966 & 1967 respectively. For the next ten years his AME licence was put to good use on that company’s aerial survey fleet throughout Canada’s Arctic, other North American locations, and Africa.

From 1976 to 2000, Wayne’s opportunistic wanderlust set in. He held positions as Chief Engineer Business Air; Chief Inspector Owen Sound Air; Co-Pilot/AME Northgate Exploration; freelance AME & Pilot various corporate operations; VP Operations & shareholder Skycraft Air Transport; Chief Engineer Dow Chemical; Air Regulations Instructor Centennial College; Air Carrier Airworthiness Inspector Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA); Part Owner OS Air; Manager, Standards & Curriculum Development Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council; self-employed & crew member Canso Flying Boat 25ACF in France and Africa; special projects, management consultant and air crew member Enterprise Air/Durham Flight/Antares Air.

Since February 2000, Wayne has been with Transport Canada Civil Aviation, Ontario Region, as the Recreational Aviation Airworthiness Specialist. Wayne conducts over 30 maintenance safety seminars a year in liaison with groups like the Canadian Owners & Pilots Association, Recreational Aviation Association, Experimental Aircraft Association, Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada, Minister’s Delegates, and many others. These seminars, which mentor recreational aviators with respect to their maintenance responsibilities, contribute to TCCA’s proactive approach to accident prevention. Concurrently, Wayne has contributed to TCCA’s regulatory and certification initiatives; he assisted 21st Century Airship in their development of conventional, spherical, & elliptical Amateur Built Airships; he assisted in the updating of Amateur Built Inspection requirements; he was lead inspector on the issuing of the Special Certificate of Airworthiness – Amateur Built Aircraft for the Epic LT turbo-prop and Elite twin engine jet; and he was one of the TCCA members on the Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council’s Recreational Aviation Working Group; and he has been an active participant in TCCA’s regulatory audit and inspection programs.


  • Wayne was recipient of the Ontario AME Association’s Robert McCombie Award in 1989,
  • The Recreational Aviation Association’s Howard Bexon Memorial Award in 2003
  • TCCA’ Appreciation Award in 2003.

For recreation, Wayne enjoys his motorcycle rides with friends, the company of his family and grandchildren, and discussing aviation with anyone who asks.