Membership Dues

A special note to all

Pacific Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Association (PAMEA) Members

From Peter Chick and Robert Horne.

You will notice today that there is a different look, feel and procedure to the Membership Renewal and Join process. 

Your Association (PAMEA) believes strongly in the National Association AMEC/TEAC and our relationship with the national organization going forward primarily in that Transport Canada will only communicate with AMEC/TEAC regarding Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) issues.

PAMEA has decided to formally transfer Membership Administration to AMEC/TEAC which is currently handled by the Ontario Association. What this means for the Membership is that our web site page will send you to the Ontario Association Membership pages for you to Sign Up if you are a new Member or to complete your renewal as a PAMEA Member.

What this means for the future is more time to concentrate on Conferences; more time to communicate to members through a Monthly Newsletter; more time to deal with your issues.

It is hoped and planned that the AMEC/TEAC web site will have a completely new look and feel to it for 2022 so that membership control will be under our own Chapter web site. This is a “work in progress”.

Thank you for you understanding in this transition time. We are all working towards a stronger and better Association representing your issues Nationally.

Robert Horne – Ontario and AMEA/TEAC Membership Team
Peter Chick – PAMEA

To continue to the Ontario site to complete your membership application/renewal click HERE.