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A Human Factors reminder about the Coronavirus

From: Gordon Dupont

Hello fellow AMEs:

The jokingly called “Mexican beer flu” is no longer a joke but has shown that it can and does kill.

This very real threat can cause various degrees of stress in an individual. The greater the degree of stress, the more the mind focuses on the stressor and not the job at hand. As an AME your work calls for your full concentration on the job.

So what to do? Your human factors training has given you Safety nets to help you avoid making a human error when stressed. Number one is to be aware of this stress and take just a minute for Safety.

a) What could go wrong doing this task?

b) Go over each step taken to ensure no error has been made.

c) Ask a workmate to check your work.

Stress is a major contributing factor to human error and as a human remember:

YET – You’re Eligible Too.

To read more about Stress you can go to our website at:

Follow the link above and read #21 Stress

Stay Safe and Healthy
Gordon Dupont CEO (retired)
System Safety Services
& father of the Dirty Dozen